UAB "Drenuva" partners are the following companies-manufacturers well-known in Europe:

  • CAPRARI (Italy): very high quality industrial submersible pumps (for wells), drainage pumps, waste water pumps, pressure pumps, high-pressure pumps, shredding pumps, aerators, mixers and spare parts.
  • seepex (Germany): pumps for viscous products and sludge, waste water, oil products, for pharmaceutical industry and food industry, macerators, spare parts.
  • MEVA (Sweden): screen equipment for waste water treatment plants (screens, screw presses and piston presses), septic sludge receiving units, odor control units, combined units, spare parts.
  • NCS (Sweden): horizontal, vertical and angular screw conveyors, sand separators, sand washing units, conveyor systems, spare parts (screws, liners etc.).
  • RAESA (Spain): industrial aluminum prefabricated and stationary irrigation systems, sprinklers and fittings.
  • RAIN BIRD (USA): irrigation systems for private and commercial objects, sports complexes (for playing golf, football/soccer, tennis etc.), squares, manèges, self-propelled sprinklers, water guns for industrial and sports objects and complexes, control software, aerators and fountains for open water ponds and lakes.
  • EMO (France): sludge belt thickeners, belt filter presses, polymer preparation units, peripheral equipment, spare parts.
  • SCOVA (Italy): stationary and mobile motorpumps for water, including that in water bodies, spare parts.
  • DOSMATIC (France): stationary and mobile injection metering pumps and associated hardware.
  • RAI-TILLIERES (France): filtration belts for different sludge thickeners and belt filter presses.
  • COSME (Italy): drum sludge thickeners, polymer preparation units, spare parts.

We can offer centrifuges with peripheral units, sand filters and disc filters for the industrial purposes, equipment for swimming pools. 


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