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  • Specialization of our Company is the industrial cold water and waste water systems. We offer industrial submersible pumps, waste water pumps, drainage pumps, injection metering pumps, pumps for sludge and viscous products, as well as motor pumps. We prepare the following equipment for water management: aerators, mixers, screen equipment, sand separators/washers, conveyor systems, flotation equipment, industrial sludge processing units.
  • We model and equip the stationary and mobile irrigation systems for private and commercial objects, sports complexes (for playing golf, football/soccer, field hockey, tennis etc.), parks and squares, manèges, agricultural companies, foresters and farmers. We offer fountain and aeration equipment for open water ponds and lakes.
  • The production supplied by our Company distinguishes itself for a very high technical and technological level and quality, has competitive prices. The products bear the ISO (production) and CE certificates.
  • The project analysis and pre-project consultation are considered by us as ones of our most important works. It allows avoiding possible errors and financial losses to the clients during the preparation of the products. Our long experience allows to state that the more knowledge and work is put in the preparation of the project, the less problems arise upon execution of it. 
  • We provide the warranty service and post-warranty service to all products we offer, and we supply the spare parts..

UAB "Drenuva"

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